Letter in The Houston Chronicle

We’ have been working hard to make sure our children receive more accurate information about the world around them.Here is a short letter I wrote on the this issue that ran in the Houston Chronicle. It’s hard to read off the image, so I will paste the full text below.

Houston Chronicle

“Trinity University Professor Michael Soto’s Nov. 11 op-ed, “Don’t Play Political Games With School Textbooks,” (Page B7) raises the critical importance of making sure that the historical facts presented to our children in schools is not distorted.

As an American Sikh who went to school in San Antonio, I remember the discomfort I felt when my religion was being incorrectly and negatively portrayed in my classroom. I witnessed firsthand how the misinformation affected how my peers would look at me and think of me, and from that time I committed myself to working on this issue.

We have been fighting for textbook reforms for the past several years and when the State Board of Education meets this week, we hope to see a shift in our education system that more accurately represents the communities it teaches. We believe that this is an important step toward building a more accepting and tolerant nation.”


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