Twitter account that falsely accused Canadian-Sikh for Nice terror attack, suspended

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New Delhi, July 14: Twitter has suspended the twitter account of @OfficialSamHyde that falsely accused Veerender Jubbal, a freelance journalist and Canadian-Sikh of carrying out the terror attack in Nice, France on Thursday. The account handler doctored Jubbal’s photos and posted them on the micro-blogging site with the caption: “French Muslim Veerender Jubbal reportedly involved in #Nice terror attacks, posted pictures before committing them.”

This wasn’t the first time ‘Saint Jon (Crumb)’ accused Jubbal of killing people in a terrorist attack. Previously, the Twitter account used the same photo for implicating him in the Paris attacks that took place in November last year. The original photo was that of a Canadian-Sikh taking a photo of himself holding an iPad, whereas the morphed photo showed him wearing a suicide vest, holding a copy of The Quran.

Jubbal’s friend, Simran Jeet Singh took a screenshot of the tweet and posted it, along with the morphed photo juxtaposed with the original one. He asked people “help end the rumours” since a lot of users ‘retweeted’ @OfficialSamHyde’s photo. “People are wrongly identifying my Sikh friend as being responsible for the #Nice attack,” Singh tweeted.

After several users reported the false tweet, Twitter took down the account. In another tweet, Singh said that the accusation had made life very difficult for Jubbal. “Last year several newspapers named him as a suspect. His life has never been the same.”



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