Academic Works



“The Life of the Puratan Janamsakhi: Tracing the Earliest Memories of Guru Nanak,” Columbia University, 2016.


“Interrogating the Homeland-Diaspora Construct.”  Sikh Diaspora: Theory, Agency, and Experience. ed. Michael Hawley (Leiden: Brill, 2013).

“Muslimophobia, Racialization, and Mistaken Identity: Understanding Anti-Sikh Hate Violence in Post-9/11 America.” The Digital Muhammad. University of Texas Press. (Fall 2015).

Muhammad Digital Age


“Sikh Leadership: Established Ideals and Diasporic Reality” with Harinder Singh in Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion (2006)


“Sohila – The Wedding Song of the Sikhs.” Chapter in Religious Resources for Interfaith Engagement, Orbis. Forthcoming in 2016.

“The Life and Message of Guru Nanak.” Entry in Great Events in Religion: An Encyclopedia of Pivotal Events in Religious History, ABC-CLIO. Forthcoming in 2016.

“Anti-Sikh Hate Crimes.” Entry in Hate Crimes: A Reference Handbook (Third Edition), ABC-CLIO. 2015.

Hate Crimes

“Through the Eyes of Sikh Kids: A Profound Lesson in Tolerance.” Article in Comprehensive Multicultural Education: Theory and Practice (Eighth Edition), Pearson. 2015.




Ins and Outs of Richmond Hill, by Shabana Sharif
Punjabi translator for a children’s e-book that illustrates various cultural communities in America. Published in April 2013.


Ik Chota Bacha: And Other Sikh Nursery Rhymes, by Jagdeep Singh
Editor for a board-book and CD comprised of 10 Punjabi nursery rhymes in Gurmukhi script and transcribed into Roman. Published in April 2011.

Ik Chota Bacha

Lost in History: 1984 Reconstructed by Gunisha Kaur

Editor for 116-page book detailing and documenting human rights violations against Sikhs in Punjab over the last 50 years. Published in June 2009.

Lost in History



Reflection for Journal of Inter-Religious Studies

In April 2014, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum hosted State of Formation and the Journal of Inter-Religious Studies for a workshop including tours of the permanent and featured exhibitions. Historian Dr. Victoria Barnett and museum scholars Robert Ehrenreich, Krista Hegburg, and Leah Wolfson hosted a discussion about their work and the Museum’s University programs. We ended the day by visiting the archives and viewing artifacts from the American Friends Service Committee records with Librarian Ron Coleman. In this video reflection published by the Journal of Inter-Religious Studies, I share my impressions of the event.

Lecture on Hate Violence, Religion, and Race at Trinity University

In September of 2012, my alma mater — Trinity University — invited me to present some of my recent research on hate violence in modern America. My lecture was entitled “Rethinking Islamophobia and Mistaken Identity” and critically considered the ways in which we frame and understand hate crimes in a post-9/11 context. I challenged our popular yet problematic verbiage of mistaken identity and proposed racialized religious identity an alternative label that I believe is more precise and constructive. A fuller and more detailed iteration of this research is due to be published in 2014 in Muhammad in the Digital Age, a volume edited by Dr. Ruqayya Khan and published by The University of Texas Press.

Lecture on the Category of Janamsakhi at Stanford University

In February of 2013, I attended Sikholars, an academic conference hosted by The Jakara Movement at Stanford University. I presented my research on the ways in which we understand the accounts of Guru Nanak’s life in a paper entitled “Re-Viewing the Category of Janamsakhi: The Problem of Hagiography.” In this lecture, I problematize the typical ways in which we think about these writings and call for a shift in our approach that will lead to a more robust and precise understanding.


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